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Some video

1) Aaron recently got a Mac. Thank you to those responsible.
2) We recently dipped our video camera in the ocean.

So we have been trying to find a good video camera that we like. We have bought and returned two so far, so we are on our third camera in about a week and a half. We can’t test most of them in the store, so we just have to buy them. Since we are not satisfied we return the merchandise and demand a refund because we don’t take no crap off of nobody.

I am also learning to use my mac and imovie, so I made a little video collection of the Sam in the process of learning new cameras and programs. It’s posted on youtube at  www.youtube.com/igoac. It’s not filled with action, but has a few things we think are funny.


(More to come on which video cameras we like, I guess.)


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